Assisting Specialist Workshops Succeed

The DSI is often asked to assist in the administrative and communications aspects of workshops conceived by specialist organisations who may lack the resources needed to ensure such events are successful.  The following testimony reflects our enthusiasm to support such activities. Dr Igbal Gondal, Federation University: “….On behalf of the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) […]

Helping Companies Showcase Innovation at Avalon 2015

A total of 28 presenters had the opportunity during the Australian International Air Show 2015 at Avalon to pitch their innovation and new technology. The DSI’ in conjunction with DSTO and the Aerospace Maritime and Defence Foundation of Australia (the air show organisers)’ organised a series of 3 minute presentations, repeated over the three trade […]

Working with the Defence Science Institute to strengthen DST-university collaboration on autonomous systems

Autonomy and autonomous systems S&T are high priority areas for DST, with Defence an increasing user of unmanned vehicles that would benefit greatly from additional autonomous capabilities and autonomous software. DST is building this research capability internally, but also strengthening collaboration with universities and industry to ensure that Defence can capitalise on the best research […]

DSI Helping Deakin University to Model Haptic Feedback

The Defence Science Institute is supporting research at Deakin University to develop sophisticated high-fidelity haptic feedback of the standard required to give extremely realistic feedback to participants in virtual reality military simulations. Specifically this research provides the sensory “feel” necessary to simulate the operation of hand gun. This includes the cocking of the weapon, an […]

Technology foresight for Defence

One of DSTO’s strategic imperatives is to contribute to the future shape of Defence, guide investment in our science and technology areas and implement a program to focus our partnerships on the big science and technology challenges facing defence and national security. The DSI continues to work closely with the Technology Forecasting and Futures Group within […]

Helping to grow synthetic biology collaboration by leveraging international funding

Synthetic Biology is an emerging technology that will have a significant impact on practices in global health, safety and Defence and National Security. DSI’s support has facilitated a strategic collaborative research program in Synthetic Biology between DSTO and the university sector (LaTrobe University, University Technology Sydney, Macquarie University and Garvan Institute of Medical Research), through […]

Swinburne Aviation and Helicopter Simulators

The Defence Science Institute is supporting the further development of Swinburne University’s helicopter simulation capability that will investigate human factors and operational issues central to safe and effective rotary wing operations. The first of these research agreements has seen the Defence Science Institute support direct development of head and eye tracking systems for simulators and […]

DSI Helping DSTO to partner with Real Thing to Model Command and Control

Developing the software architectures, theories and languages necessary for the next generation of simulation systems requires targeted research focussed closely on quite specific defence requirements. Over many years DSTO has developed expertise in approaches to modelling and simulation that have brought artificial intelligence together with practical software engineering to create highly advanced languages that meet […]