Human Protection and Performance

This research program supports efforts in advancing the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental properties, principles, and processes governing human protection and performance.

The anticipated outcomes of the research supported by this program are to build new technologies for protecting individuals, optimizing human physical and cognitive performance while enhancing existing capabilities or developing new capabilities in the areas of:

Social Sciences

  • Cognitive modeling for situation awareness
  • Visual and acoustic perception
  • Psychological modeling and decision-making
  • Mental health and protecting factors
  • The research has strong relevance to defence and national security including enhancing situation awareness, fatigue monitoring, cognitive workload for ADF members on ships, aircraft and for our soldiers in operations.

Chemical and Biological Sciences

  • Validation of virulence factors
  • Medical countermeasures
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Structure based drug design
  • Biodetection