IT Cyber and IT Security

ICT technology is having a profound effect on how individuals, government, businesses and societies operate. The networks that pervade so much of today’s systems are proving game changing ­– shaping commerce, communications, finances, transport, warfare and community. The controllers and processers embedded in our water distribution systems, our railway signalling systems and, increasingly, our home appliances and electronics are all connected through an emerging ‘internet of things’, allowing devices and people to interact on a scale and in ways only dreamt of twenty years ago. But this technological revelation, while full of opportunities, comes with unique and growing challenges:

“Cyber security is one of the most serious risks facing digital nations and has two unique challenges – technology and people. The rapid evolution of cyberspace and the threat demands deep S&T investment to keep pace with these changes. Moreover, achieving cyber security needs commitment, not only from government agencies, but also from the business sector and the individual user.” DSTO Cyber vision 2020

This Technology Theme represents our interest in research, engineering and technology at can enhance our ability to design, exploit and secure a vibrant, effective and safe cyber environment for the Nation. If you are undertaking research, scientific investigation or technology development that might enhance Australia’s abilities in this area, we are interested in hearing about it. Technologies and activities of particular interest include:

  • Cryptography & crypto-mathematics
  • Digital forensics
  • Multi-level security
  • Network research, including network characterisation & visualisation
  • Network & ICT defence, both fixed and mobile
  • Infrastructure IT security
  • Threat modelling, simulation & analysis
  • Emerging cyberspace technology studies
  • Policy, legal and ethical research