Charlotte Morris is the Industry Manager at the Defence Science Institute and Director of Charlotte Morris Consulting Pty Ltd.

Charlotte’s career began with an IT role on the Asian PGA Golf Tour. In 1999 Charlotte moved to Australia from the UK and took up a role with a broadcast engineering SME in Port Melbourne, she stayed with this company as Operations Manager until 2007.

From 2007 to 2013 Charlotte held a number of positions in the Defence Industry Unit in the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, State Government of Victoria. Charlotte was responsible for the development of multiple strategies and programs to support the growth and sustainment of the defence industry. She has a deep understanding of the structure and capabilities of Victoria’s defence industry sector.

In her consulting role Charlotte is currently responsible for the Submarine Industry Collaboration Study for the Australian Industry Defence Network – Victoria.

Charlotte has a Bachelor of Information Technology & Society (Hons) from the University of Portsmouth and is a Cranlana alumnus from the May 2012 Cranlana Programme colloquium.