Land Forces 4 -6 September 2018 – INNOVATION PITCHFEST







The Innovation pitch sessions are to be seen as an opportunity to showcase an innovative idea/technology application/product in in early stage of its development (pre-commercialisation) to an audience including Primes, OEMs, Defence customers/users, research professionals, venture financiers and critical/interested peers. In providing this forum during the Land Forces 2018 Trade Days participants can take advantage of an advertised event in a prominent area of the indoor exhibition, utilising a fast paced and engaging presentation approach to ensure audience attention for the entire duration of their presentation. The final day of pitches will conclude with judging to award the “Best pitch”, “Best Innovation” and “Land Force Benefit”. Participants will be offered training, free of charge (excepting travel), in the art of the “Three Minute Pitch” (locations yet to determined).

The Innovation Showcase is a collaborative event supported by Industry Defence and Security Australia (the event organisers), Defence Science Institute (Vic), Defence Innovation Partnerships (SA) and Defence Innovation Network (NSW).