Call for Applications : Land Forces 2018 – Innovation Awards – Closing 09/07/2018

The Land Forces 2018 Young Innovator Scholarship is worth $15,000. This is pitched directly at early career researchers or young engineers and innovators who aren’t already working in a senior supervisory capacity. It’s designed to encourage and reward the sort of engineering design or research activity that won Dr Long Nguyen and Mr Tristan Alexander the award in 2016 and 2014, respectively. Some background on them, for your interest:

  • Dr Long Nguyen (Land Forces 2016 –Young Innovator Scholarship) – for his research on Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene composite armour for vehicles
  • Mr Tristan Alexander (Land Forces 2014 –Young Innovator Scholarship) – for his research into polymer-ceramic composite body armour

There is no ‘typical’ winner – they’ve all been different. For Young Innovators the criterion is more about relevance and the quality of the contribution they’ve made. Long Nguyen was knocked back in 2014 but two further years’ work resulted in him winning in 2016; his entry referenced work he’d undertaken with RMIT, DST Group, DMTC and the Frauenhofer Institute. Tristan Alexander is now running an Australian-Singaporean start up company that’s commercialised much of the IP that he developed; his entry referenced work he’d undertaken with DMTC and Deakin University’s Carbon Nexus.

Entries close on 9 July, 2018. All interested parties and applicants can submit an entry online or download the eligibility criteria, guidance for entrants and entry forms at:

*Young researchers, or even university-industry research team are welcome to submit entries in this category.

LAND FORCES 2018 Innovation Awards – Guidance for Entrants



Either download the Eligibility Criteria as a PDF file and the Entry Form as a MS Word file for the relevant Award, or study the Eligibility Criteria and complete the application on-line. Please read the Eligibility Criteria and Guidance to Entrants carefully.



Fill in the entry form online: