2018-2020 DSI Research Higher Degree (RHD) Student Grant – Closing 30/09/2020

The Defence Science Institute’s Research Higher Degree (RHD) Student Grant Scheme provides funding to support postgraduate research students undertaking research projects consistent with the Institute’s technology themes. It helps to

  • Support capability development and capacity building in research areas where Defence has an interest;
  • Facilitate defence-relevant research engagement between universities, industry, DST Group, Defence and/or research organisations

by providing stipend support for students undertaking their research higher degree on defence-related projects and/or Defence-industry placements as part of their study.

RHD Student Grants can be used to support any student working on a project that meets the defined criteria. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.

It is expected that the following number of grants will be available for awarding:
2018 – 10

2019 – 10

2020 – 10

To apply online – click HERE

Other useful information for download: