The 2018-2020 DSI Industry (APR) Internship Program – Closing 30/09/2020

Defence Science Institute (DSI) Voucher  (DSI-APR Internship)

The Defence Science Institute (DSI) has partnered with APR Intern to deliver the DSI Industry Internship Program to businesses servicing the defence sector. This allows the delivery of a cost effective solution for tackling research challenges while also aiming to increase the size of the Defence industry ecosystem which will ultimately lead to stronger innovation in this industrial sector.

The APR Intern program provides direct access to young talent—across all disciplines—to assist with defence-related projects requiring additional expertise. The APR Intern model places a PhD student, with an academic supervisor, into full time 4-5 month internships to address the R&D project outlined by industry. With a 96% service satisfaction rating with industry partners, once research-shy businesses are now reaping the benefits and gaining a competitive advantage.

The Intern program allows your business to further develop and innovate your business for future growth:

  • All Intellectual Property remains with the business
  • Potential recruitment opportunities
  • No need to list the student on payroll, insurance and public liability covered by the University
  • Fill a short term need, 4-5 month internships provide attractive flexibility
  • Ability to connect with educational institutes
  • Access to an academic supervisor with specialist knowledge
  • Linkage Grants opportunities
  • APR Intern takes care of the admin with quick turnaround times
  • APR Intern has a mature internship program modelled on international success
  • Bring a new skill set to your business

If you have identified a capability gap in your organization for a particular project, quote development or a systemic operational problem then fill it with an expert having access to research resources and years of experience. This is where the Intern program delivers.

Under the APR Intern Program, DSI will provide supplementary funding of $10,000 towards the costs of the internship (typically $26,000), covering the Academic Mentor and Project Management costs.


The process for application to the Intern Placement programme is as follows:

  • Industry partner expresses interest, (APR Intern and DSI may assist with building the project) in arranging a placement either through APR Intern
  • Scope of project is submitted to APR Intern with a request for DSI supplementary funding included
  • APR Intern submits the proposal and the supplementary funding request to the DSI for review and approval via email
  • The DSI Executive and the Intern Placement Review Board reviews and approves/rejects the request for supplementary funding
  • DSI sends signed approval to APR Intern
  • APR Intern finalises the intern and arranges placement and payment in accordance with APR Intern processes.

For more information visit DSI APR Internship

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