Innovation Pitchfest @ the CivSec 2018 Exposition

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest are invited from Industry (including Start- Ups) and Research Organisations to participate in an Innovation Pitchfest as part of the CivSec 2018 Exposition in Melbourne (1-3 May 2018). This event comprises a series of short “pitches” aimed at demonstrating Australian innovation, research collaboration and development strengths.  Up to thirty pitches will be selected from the participant groups (security organisations, industry and research organisations), with the pitch session being repeated on the first two exposition days (Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of May 2018).

Applicants for a slot in the three minute pitch agenda must demonstrate:

  • Uniqueness and novelty (i.e. the innovation).
  • Application or end goal of the innovation.
  • Where future collaboration may be of benefit (and from whom).
  • Can be openly presented without fear of IP theft.
  • Can be explained in an engaging manner to a general audience in 3 minutes.
  • Avoid being seen as simply a sales pitch.

Applicants should ensure that their pitch aligns with the exposition themes, namely:

  • Cyber Security.
  • Physical Security and Policing.
  • Disaster Relief.
  • Emergency Management and,
  • Humanitarian Services

The pitch sessions are to be seen as an opportunity to showcase an innovative idea/technology application/product in an early stage of its development or commercialisation, to an audience which could possibly include Primes, OEMs, security sector customers/users, research professionals, venture financiers and critical/interested peers.  In providing this forum participants can take advantage of an advertised event in a prominent area of the indoor exhibition, utilising a fast pace and engaging presentation approach to ensure audience attention for the entire duration of the presentation.  Participants are expected to pitch on both event days (the pitch stay the same, the audience changes!).

Participants will be provided training, free of charge excepting travel, in the art of the “3 minute pitch”.  It is planned that training will be held in Melbourne (and elsewhere depending on numbers).  Participants are encouraged to attend this training session if not previously undertaken such training.

The Innovation Showcase is a collaborative event supported by the organisers of CivSec 2018 and the National Security Science and Technology Centre (NSSTC)

Please submit Expressions of Interest detailing pitch topic, represented organisation and contact details to: