EoI – Modelling Complex Warfighting Strategic Research Investment-due 17th Nov 2017


The Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and Defence Science Institute (DSI) are partnering to identify research experience in fields that are relevant to Modelling Complex Warfighting – including mathematical, computer, and human behaviour sciences.  The identified centres of expertise from Australian academic sector may find opportunities for long-term engagements in future research activities and partnerships with the DST Group.

Joint and Operations Analysis Division undertakes rigorous, scientifically-based analysis of Defence operations and capability to provide independent, impartial, timely advice. Our Mission is to develop and employ trusted analytical methods and decision support tools that give Defence and national security decision superiority across all aspects of force design, operational planning, command and control, and support to Australian Defence Force on operations. Together, we aim to be Australia’s most trusted and influential source of evidence-based analysis – shaping and enhancing Defence and national security decision making across the capability lifecycle.


The Modelling Complex Warfighting (MCW) Strategic Research Investment (SRI), led by the Joint and Operations Analysis Division, expressly seeks to revolutionise how we undertake operations analysis in DST Group to better handle the interaction of complex geopolitical, social, technological, economic and cultural factors for design of the future force. Force design is the planning and decision-making process regarding military equipment and future defence operations. Such decisions are often made under conditions of high uncertainty.

The MCW SRI aims to address the force design and future defence force employment problems under four broad research themes: Conquering Uncertainty, Innovative Simulations, Knowledge Synthesis, and Modelling Complexity.

The MCW SRI is a five-year research initiative and is one of a portfolio of strategic research programs sponsored by the Chief Defence Scientist. This initiation has only just begun and you have a chance to influence it. At present there are seven active research areas in this initiative:

  • Machine-discovered behaviour,
  • Simulation-based concept exploration,
  • Modelling complex human systems,
  • Capability decision evaluation under uncertainty,
  • Concepts for complexity-enabled warfare,
  • Force design data culture, and
  • Modelling unknowns.

CWSRI research themes


Phase 1: Initial call for proposals.  Interested organisations will be encouraged to identify relevant fields of endeavour or expertise where they would be willing to engage and partner with DST Group’s Joint and Operations Analysis Division on Modelling Complex Warfighting. Organisations are requested to submit short organisational profiles including relevant experience and proposed approaches for addressing the questions of interest.  The intent of this call is to enable short listing for Phase 2.  No funds will be exchanged for this stage. The call for expressions of interest will commence for this phase on 30 October 2017 and be due on 17 November 2017.

Phase 2: Partnering opportunity. Depending on the outcomes of Phase 1, some organisations may choose to engage in partnering relationships through long-term collaborative agreements covering research into various aspects of Modelling Complex Warfighting. DST Group will continue to play a central role in this relationship, but academic organisations may wish to form their own connections. Exploration of partnering opportunities will commence at the Modelling Complex Warfighting Symposium to be held in Melbourne on 14-15th December 2017.


30 October 2017 – Phase 1 EOI released

17 November 2017 – Phase 1 EOI returns due

1 December 2017 – Selected partners are notified and invited to attend the Modelling Complex Warfighting Symposium

14-15 December 2017 – Modelling Complex Warfighting Symposium (at own cost)

December 2017 –Development of research agreement (contracts up to $100K for current financial year)

30 May 2018 – Research Agreement Program completed

August 2018 – Potential open call for the development of 3-year partnerships agreements


Submitting Expressions of Interest:  Responses to this call for Expressions of Interest are to be made via  MCWSRI@defencescienceinstitute.com

Submissions must be received before 5:00pm (EST) on 17 November 2017


Download :

  1. Full EOI document SRI EOI
  2. FAQs for EOIs_MCWSRI