Winners for The Pacific 2017 Pitchfest

The Defence Science Institute (DSI) with the support of the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and Defence South Australia (Defence SA) have co-hosted a  two-day Innovation Pitchfest to seek out people with what may be little more than a really good idea.

The Pitchfest took place on both October 3rd and 4th at 2pm-4pm in the Pacific 2017 innovation theatrette. Thirty (30) pitchers selected from industry, academia and DST will each have three (3) minutes to pitch their innovations to a mixed audience of potential partners, customers, peers and venture funding sources.

This year’s judging panel is comprised of the following respected and expert members:

  • Ms Kate Louis – Head Defence & Industry Policy, Australian Industry Group
  • Mr Bryan O’Connor – MOOG Australia & NZ, General Manager
  • Ms  Laura Anderson – Chairwoman of LaunchVic and DSI Advisory Board
  • A/Professor Regina Crameri – Associate Director DSI, DST Group Scientist
  • Mr Matthew Morgan – General Manager Trade, Austrade

The three winners for the 2017 DSI PACIFIC Innovation Pitchfest are:

  1. Best Maritime Innovation – Jeff Lang of Titomic, Pitch Topic: “Faster, Larger and Smarter Advanced Manufacturing”
  2. Best Overall Innovation – Henry Bilinsky of MicroTau, Pitch Topic: Sharks on a Plane: Applying Microstructured Coatings for Drag Reduction
  3. Best Presenter – Gavin Brennen of Macquarie University, Pitch Topic : “Quantum Radar for Mass”

PAC Pitchfest 2017 -Winners and Judges(Optimised)Left : Craig Butler (DSI), Laura Anderson (LaunchVic), Kate Louise -behind (Australian Industry Group), Gavin Brennen (Macquarie University), Henry Bilinsky (MicroTau), Sumen Rai (Defence SA), Regina Crameri (DSI) and Matthew Morgan (Austrade).

Kate Louis - Henry Bilinsky - Overall Innovation (optimised)Ms Kate Louis – Head Defence & Industry Policy, Australian Industry Group presented Best Overall Innovation award to Henry Bilinsky of MicroTau

Laura Anderson - Gavin Brennen - Macquarie - Best Presentation (Optimised)Ms  Laura Anderson – Chairwoman of LaunchVic and DSI Advisory Boar presented Best Presentation award to Associate Prof Gavin Brennen of Macquarie University