DSI Victorian Government funding announced & Victorian Defence Research University capability map launched at PACIFIC

DSI Victorian Government funding announced 

The Defence Science Institute (DSI) is delighted to announce that the Victorian Government has confirmed the future funding for the Institute. The Victorian Defence Industry Advocate, Mr. Greg Combet AM, announced at PACIFIC 2017 that DSI has been refunded for a period of 3 years.

latest Greg Combet VIC Govt Breakfast

Mr. Greg Combet AM said “The Defence Science Institute (DSI) helps identify capabilities, expertise and potential solutions in our universities that can be directed toward Defence priorities. DSI provides a single access point  and supports engagement between universities, industry and government through capability matching, provision of advice and intelligence, networking and promotional opportunities and practical support for collaborative activities.”

DSI welcomes the announcement and looks forward to continuing its role of advanced technology facilitation between defence primes, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and University researchers, toward growing the Australian defence supply chain and creating jobs in the sector. DSI’s activities will include a new focus on maritime initiatives and opportunities while continuing to include development of other domains, such as land, air and joint operations.

Victorian Defence Research University capability map launched. 

DSI released at PACIFIC the Victorian Defence Research University capability map. This presents a comprehensive view of the capability of defence relevant research across the Victorian University sector.

Together, Victoria’s universities form a community of practice which supports Defence priorities, both short- and long-term. They work closely with each other, and with industry and government, to share knowledge and expertise in pursuit of a secure future for us all.

Cover VIC Defence Research Road map -Oct 2017






Download Victorian Defence Research University Capability Map