2016 Defence Science Institute (DSI) Symposium

On Wednesday 6th April 2016, the Defence Science Institute (DSI) convened its inaugural symposium at Engineers Australia’s (Victoria Division) facility in Melbourne. This symposium drew together researchers, scientists, experts, SMEs and Primes from around the country.

The aim of the day was to communicate, to a mixed audience, the progress of a cross section of DSI supported projects and the challenges currently facing their area of research. It also provided a neutral site for the DSI community and potential collaborators to exchange information and align activities with Defence’s research and development priorities.

The symposium was particularly fortunate to have in attendance Dr Jason Scholz, Research Leader Decision Sciences Joint & Operations Analysis, Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group), Mr Glenn Frankish, Country Technology Manager, Australia of Lockheed Martin, Professor Matthew Cuthbertson, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research Development, Innovation & Commercialisation) of Swinburne University of Technology, Mr Geoff Hayes, Immediate Past President (Victoria) of Engineers Australia and Dr Roger Lough AM, chair of DSI Advisory Board.

The research projects covered at the symposium included:

  • “Program Tyche Trusted Autonomy Systems Strategic Research Initiative” – Keynote speaker: Dr Jason Scholz, DST Group
  • “Defence Industry – how should researchers engage with industry?” – keynote speaker: Mr Glenn Frankish, Lockheed Martin Australia
  • “Australian Future Submarine Fire Safety System – Risk analysis and evaluation of emerging technologies, challenges and design solutions for input to SEA1000 program” – Mr Aidan Depetro, BMT Design & Technology
  • A 3D vision SPAD SoC for autonomous UAVs in a 3D integrated process” – Mr Simon Kennedy in lieu of Dr Jean-Michel Redoute, Monash University
  • “Graphene ultralight-weight diffractive lenses for aerospace applications” – Dr Baohua Jia, Swinburne University of Technology
  • “Optimised Maritime Heading Control and Track Control with ECDIS” – Dr Jeff Hawkins Dr Jeff Hawkins, Pivot Maritime International, Dr Torab Torabi and Mr Keith Rogers of La Trobe University.
  • “Improved Autonomous Surveillance for UAV Flight in Complex Environments” – Professor Simon Watkins, RMIT University
  • Minimally Invasive Neural Interface” – Dr Nicholas Opie, University of Melbourne
  • “Infrastructure Security risks to ICT” – Associate Professor Iqbal Gondal, Federation University Australia
  • Virtual Reality based Training and Assessment of Decontamination Procedures” – Professor Saeid Nahavandi and Dr Lei Wei, Deakin University.
  • “Creating opportunities for industry experience: The AMSI Intern Model” – Ms Rachel Geddes, The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)

To enable a cohort experience for DSI supported RHD Students the following speakers were given the challenge of presenting their projects in a five minute pitch format: Mr Simon Kennedy, Monash University, Ms Lara Bereza-Malcolm, La Trobe University, Ms Kobi Leins, university of Melbourne, Mr Anthony Quattrone, University of Melbourne, and Mr Daniel Selvaratnam, University of Melbourne.

Read Agenda for DSI Inaugural Symporsium 6th April 2016 08042016 here.