EOI: “Identification and implementation of packaging and protection solutions for the Black Canary chemical detector” (18th March)


The Land Division of DST Group has an active program in the field of chemical sensor development. The program has recently received consecutive funding grants for the development of a new chemical detector dubbed “Black Canary”.  At present the technology is at laboratory prototype level and is entering a phase 2 development which aims to push the device to pre-production product. DST Group is currently also in negotiation with a large multi-national industry partner who are looking to licence the technology with a view to commercialisation within an 18 month period. Click Black Canary 1 page summary for more information.

DST Group is looking for partner/s that can address specific aspects of the device development that fall outside the expertise extant within the Black Canary development team. With this in mind it wishes to post an EOI call out for a university partner to join the exciting chemical sensor development program in both a consultative and applied science capacity.

To complement the EOI, the Defence Science Institute will host an informal information session in the afternoon of Feb 29th 2016 at our office in Carlton VIC (time TBC). Attendance is not a requirement of the EOI and all travel would be at “own cost”.

The EOI and accompanying info may be promulgated as you see fit, however it would be most accurately directed toward materials science specialists, pharmaceutical departments and food science divisions.

Submission closing date is 5pm (Sydney EST) March 18th 2016. If an appropriate partner is identified, a further round of in-depth discussions may take place and any contracts that are entered into will be under the auspices of the Defence Science Partnering Deed.

How To Apply

Expression of Interest sought for Black Canary research program


Information & Assistance

If you wish to be kept informed of any updates from the information session please register your interest with Dr Nicholas J FitzGerald, Chemistry Specialist of Defence Science and Technology Group. Email: nicholas.fitzgerald@defence.gov.au

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