DCNS Innovation Seminar and French Trade Mission – Feb 4

Please find below an update on the upcoming DCNS Innovation Seminar:

“Shortly before Christmas, we made a suggestion to ‘Hold the Date’ for an Innovation Seminar that will be held in Melbourne on Thursday 4th February 2016.  That date is now confirmed and this message is being sent out to confirm arrangements for the Melbourne seminar, provide registration opportunities and establish an online ‘Community’ where ideas and plans can be shared.

This will be the first in a series to be held across Australia over the coming months and you can register your interest in similar events in those locations below.  Note that these seminars are not designed to be short term business opportunities nor a forum focused on introducing your own product or service; rather the opportunity for you and your organisation to gain an understanding of the emerging opportunities and contribute to the long-term (strategic) environment in which your organisation will need to operate

Attending this seminar will be a trade mission from France with 16 companies from the Toulon and Brittany regions.  This mission will also be visiting Sydney and Adelaide during that week and will be sharing the experiences of many of its member companies in the innovation environment that supports industry development in France.  The mission and the Victorian State Government will be hosting a Welcome Reception on Wednesday 3rd February for networking and B2B opportunities and you can register below.

Arrangements for Melbourne
Reception:  18.00 – 20:00 Wednesday 3 February 2016:  Level 5, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne Vic 2000.  Register by clicking here.

Innovation Seminar:  09.00 – 15.00 Thursday 4 February 2016:  Level 5, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne Vic 2000.  Register by clicking here.  Networking and coffee from 08:00.

Please note that this is a Victorian Government building and that security procedures may take some time.  Ensure you bring photographic ID with you.

Subsequent Seminars
Plans for subsequent seminars are being refined but your registration of interest (click here) will certainly assist in refining the schedule.  Each seminar will build on the previous one to ensure we construct the most appropriate framework for the Innovation Environment.

Ideas Community
DCNS does not hold a mortgage on innovation and smart ideas and we are establishing a site for idea management where we can start this community of interest.  On that site, you will be able to contribute ideas, comment on threads that have already been started, pose questions and receive updates to agendas for seminars.  We envisage that the agenda for these seminars will be influenced by these threads.  The site is in the course of final development and we will contact you again once it is ready.

We do hope that you will be able to join us (either online or in person) in this exciting new innovation space.”