Guidance on new export control requirements from the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 is available

The Defence Trade Controls Amendment Bill 2015 (DTC Amendment Bill) received Royal Assent on 2 April 2015 meaning that:

  • the offence provisions of the DTC Act for supplying and publishing DSGL technology and for brokering DSGL goods and technology will not come into force until the end of a 12 month implementation period that will expire on 1 April 2016
  • individuals and organisations do not need to seek permits for any activities that will occur during the implementation period and;
  • individuals and organisations will be able to apply for permits from 16 May 2015 in preparation for the offence provisions coming into force on 2 April 2016.

The offence provisions will not be applied retrospectively.

To ensure all DSI stakeholders have extensive and up to date guidance, please refer to DECO website. Below are links to the pages that may be of interest to DSI Community Members:

Training Modules and scenarios (the scenario modules contain examples and explanations most applicable to the reseacrh and academic sectors) –

Supply FAQs –

Publication FAQs –

Brokering FAQs –

Compliance –


Defence Export Controls has also developed the Online DSGL Tool to assist our stakeholders and which is intended to simplify the identification of whether goods, software or technology are listed – Link is below:

Question and answer scenarios on how the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 impact publications, conferences, educational instruction, research, correspondence and informal scientific exchanges, editing and peer review, commercial consulting, foreign nationals, patented information, sanctions, travelling and working overseas and records management is available on the ‘Export Controls Training‘ page under the ‘scenarios’ tab.

Click here for Defence Export Controls Awareness Training

Defence is working with stakeholders as they establish internal compliance arrangements by providing implementation support through outreach and engagement sessions.

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