French Submarine Bidder to Hold Innovation Seminar

The following information is circulated on behalf of DCNS Australia:

The Australian Industry Plan (AIP) DCNS delivered as part of the Competitive Evaluation Process (CEP) for SEA1000 the Future Submarine Project included considerable detail on the DCNS vision for sustaining the supply chain once the spike of the initial supply and sustainment has eased off.  A force level of somewhere between six and twelve submarines is generally not going to be enough to ensure that all the companies DCNS needs to perform upkeep, upgrade and update will be around when they need them.

DCN’s plan is to create an Innovation Environment (IF they are selected as the Design Partner).  Meanwhile, as DCNS have told the Commonwealth, they are taking preliminary steps to establish the framework in which the Innovation Environment would work.  To that end, DCNS are asking you to hold the date of Thursday 4 February 2016 for an Innovation Seminar in Melbourne.  This will be a collaborative activity to hear from some French experts (from a Competitive Cluster in which DCNS is a participant) and is your opportunity to help them shape the environment.

After Melbourne, DCNS plan to hold similar (but increasingly more detailed) seminars in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane every 5-6 weeks.  If you can’t make it to Melbourne and get in on the ground floor, there will therefore be more opportunities but the individual opportunity to shape the structure will be accordingly diluted as participation builds.

DCNS will be in touch in mid-January with more details.  To register your interest in the Seminar (they will still publish the invitation anyway but your response will help to start the shaping), please click here and complete a simple form.

DCNS points of contact are Frank Owen and Eric Lerais, ph 02 6285 0900