Providing an Opportunity for Australian Innovation to be seen at Pacific 2015

A total of 25 presenters had the opportunity during the Pacific 2015 Maritime Exposition held at Glebe Island, Sydney in October to pitch their innovation and new technology. The DSI in conjunction with DST Group, the Aerospace Maritime and Defence Foundation of Australia and Defence SA organised a series of 3 minute presentations, repeated over the three trade days, as part of the Innovation Showcase portion of the exhibition. Included in the event setup was specialist training for the majority of the participants in how to use their 3 minute slot effectively, logistics of attending the event (from all across the country), organising a judging panel for the last day, establishment of a “Best Pitch” prize and ensuring the event was publicised as widely as possible. Typical feedback from those taking place include:

Dr Max Ong – Fastwave Communications:
“...I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the opportunity to join the pitchfest, and my appreciation for the way in which it was well organised.”

Alex Babanin, Swinburne Uni:
Thank you very much for inviting me to present at the Innovation Pitch at the Pacific Maritime exhibition. Our Centre has a broad range of research collaborations in the academic, weather-forecast and ocean-engineering communities, nationally and internationally, but this Exhibition did open a new world for us, ie. defence applications of our research. In particular, we set up promising links with Pivot Maritime International (Tasmania), DCNS Australia (Canberra/France), Fastwave (WA), Flinders University (SA) on the topics ranging from modelling nonlinear waves to using fibre-optics in oceanic applications.”

Peng Choo, SA Participant in Pacific 2015 Pitchfest:
Thanks Sumen and Craig for all your help at the pitch. Incredibly useful experience. Glad to receive positive feedback from other pitchers who I think also did well in their presentation. As a collective effort I think we have impressed other states and in particular the overseas visitors and VIPs…

Tony Lutfi – Greenwheat Freekeh:
Just adding my thanks to Craig and of course to you Sumen as well as Fred. Participation have been very interesting for me and I am hoping it will generate benefits. So thank you all. It was also nice to meet the other participants and learn more about innovation in Australia.”