Enhancing DSTO’s ability to model submarine tactics through a DSI funded partnership with RMIT

Defence capabilities are only as effective as the tactics allow, and in the case of submarines tactical behaviour is an important part of realising their operational and strategic advantage. DSTO has been working with RMIT University to develop a framework and tools for encoding tactical behaviours to make it easier to represent and modify the operational behaviour of military systems in simulations.

The Defence Science Institute provided seed funding over two rounds to kick-start this collaboration, which has resulted in extensions to RMIT’s Prometheus tool to enable it to encode complex tactical behaviours needed for simulating the operation of military capabilities such as submarines. This seed funding allowed Dr Thanh Ly, from DSTO’s Joint and Operations Analysis Division, to demonstrate the concept to Defence, securing considerable funding for the development of this important enabling technology.

Dr Thanh Ly said that “good ideas need time to be promoted and explained. DSI’s support helped us build and sustain project momentum and allowed us to establish a capability and a partnership that can shape how we improve operational effectiveness”.

Hopefully, through the DSI’s assistance, submarine operations will be strengthened by this important collaboration between DSTO and RMIT.