DSI supporting DSTO’s development of Army’s Future Power and Energy Framework

DSTO’s Land Division is working with ADF personnel, Australian industry, academic and other research partners to help inform Defence’s power and energy needs, to identify the state-of-the-art technologies in power and energy (P&E) applicable to Army, and to project technology development pathways over the next 25 years. To do this, DSTO needed to reach out to a broad spectrum of researchers and industry stakeholders in the field in order to get the best input and to identify potential collaborators and partners. The Defence Science Institute (DSI) facilitated DSTO engagement with the right academic and industry partners, and also provided guidance and facilitation during the engagement process.

Dr Michael Ling, from DSTO’s Land Division, said that “this support was crucial. It bridged capability and knowledge gaps we had in DSTO, such as the ability to effectively facilitate workshop discussions, and it also ensured that we identified the right R&D partners and received an outsider’s (out of the box) view of the problem space.”

The key outcome of this collaboration between DSTO and the DSI has been the development of a P&E Technology Roadmap for Army, which now forms one of the cornerstones of the Army Power & Energy Framework and is being used to guide the P&E capability planning and technology trials for Army in the immediate to near term (1 – 3 years).

DSTO is now working with DSI to access further funding to support collaborative activities in load prediction and power management.