An Informal Guide to Key US Defence Research Agency Funding

Significant US funding opportunities exist for Australian Researchers, with great potential for Australian researchers to enhance their collaborative research efforts with US Defence R&D organizations. The attached document titled “An informal Guide to Key US Defence Research Agency Funding for Australian Researchers” has been prepared by the Department of Education and the Department of Industry’s joint office at the Embassy of Australia in Washington, DC for circulation amongst interested parties. Use the link to view the document –Guide to Key US Defence Research Agency Funding for Australian Researchers.

This Guide provides information for Australian researchers on what international funding is available, and how to apply for such funding from the four key United States Defence Research Agencies, namely:

  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
  • Army Research Office (ARO)
  • Office of Naval Research (ONR) and
  • Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

The agencies referred to in this guide are continuously soliciting innovative research proposals. Funding can be in the form of an initial seed grant to more substantial research project funds for basic research through to higher technology readiness levels.

Aspart of the Institute’s role, we can help to facilitate engagement with these agencies and provide an Australian Defence perspective on the relevance of your research. Please contact us for further information.

*Please note that Defence Science Institute bears no responsibility for the content of the attached guide.